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Ekspressing Pleasure and displeasure


Here are some expressions used to show that someone is pleased or displeased :

  1. Pleasure
    • That’s great / incredible / fantastic / good news
    • How.. marvelous / wonderful / tremendo us/ super !
    • What luck !
    • It gives me pleasure
    • I’m very pleased with it / delighted to hear that / happy with …
    • etc.
  2. Displeasure
    • Oh no
    • What a nuisance
    • I can’t stand …
    • I’m very disappointed / very annoyed / too miserable /so upset / fed up with …
    • etc.
Example :
Now, read this letter and analize it !

I remember at the beginning when we got a month leave from the campus. I was very pleased to hear that so we decided to go to Sentani, Jayapura (Papua/Irian Jaya), a very amazing and beautiful cendrawasih . we flew to Sentani with Garuda Airlines. What we liked most was the food…. oh, marvelous! It was the first time we tasted Sentaninese food. And the air was very fresh….oh, wonderful. We were very happy with the sevice.
But every thing has changed then. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. They are so completely different. Iyan loves sunbathing all day. Sentani lake really fantastic but Roy really hates sitting around on crowded lake doing nothing he’s fond of tennis and enjoys walking. Iyan as you can imagine doesn’t like any kind of sport. What a nuisance. He’s not very fond of fishing either. Well I don’t mind fishing but Roy likes fish very much. He’s won’t eat meal without it and Ican’t stand it myself, so you can imagine the arguments we have at meal time.
And then the evening, Iyan is angry about dancing, so we have to go to the Entrop Art Centre every night. Idon’t mind dance but it’s obvious that Roy can stand them. He just sits there looking miserable far distance. he says he is fed up with dance. i just can’t see why we go on holiday together. The only thing they both seem enjoy is wacthing World Cup 2010 South Africa on TV and as you know I’m very annoyed wasting my time in front of the Tv. But at least it stops them arguing.
Help !!!
All my love


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